CentrAlert designs and manufactures Crisis-Driven Alert & Control, or C-DAC, which is an intelligent emergency alert and control system that directs personal communications to targeted recipients, coordinates mass notification using any device, and provides integrated controls to secure the environment and mitigate the effects of a crisis.

With their patent-pending modular design, you can select the system that’s right for you. Whether you need to activate a single device or alert an entire community, C-DAC makes it easy.

And with CentrAlert’s universal interface, operations are simplified via the standardized activation screens. This assures that your communications reach the right people at the right place at the right time.

Key Benefits:

  • Windows-Based User Interface
  • Standardized Activation Screens
  • User Configurable Protective Actions
  • Real-Time System Status
  • Stand-Alone or Fully Networkable
  • Multiple User Level Security Settings
  • Selectable Device Icons
  • Dual Server Capabilities
  • Fully Customizable with a Variety of Hardware and Software Components
  • GPS Capable
  • Pre-Stage and Staging Environments
  • Data Storage and Archiving
  • Full Reporting Functionality
  • Database Import Functions
  • Web-Based Configuration
  • Remote Access
  • Redundant Communication Pathways
  • CAP and IPAWS Certifications

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SAFER Services is the authority in emergency warning and notification systems. Our experienced team can provide full project support for any siren project, including analyzing your needs and making recommendations. As a Whelen distributor, SAFER Services offers a family of products that integrates outdoor and indoor warning into a single unified system. Whelen is the first name in public warning, with more High-Power Voice and Sirens Systems installed worldwide than any other manufacturer.


  • Communities
  • Military Bases
  • Fire Calls
  • Natural Disasters
  • Homeland Security
  • Hurricane
  • Chemical Spill
  • Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness (CSEPP)
  • All Hazard
  • Industries
  • Tsunami
  • Dam Failure Warning
  • Campus Warning
  • Tornadoes
  • Nuclear Emergency

Siren Options:

  • 2900 Series
  • 4000 Series
  • Vortex-R
  • Omni-Alert
  • Hornet
  • Controls

Alert Radio

CentrAlert’s patented, multi-mode Advisor Alert Radio™ (AAR) is the perfect solution for emergency communication and mass notification. Compatible with numerous communication methods and protocols, the AAR provides unsurpassed flexibility and reliability with multiple input channels and various output types. The AAR is also the only alert radio capable of providing an NOAA receiver coupled with a local receiver, allowing localized control of escalating events.

CentrAlert AAR Provides:

  • Both Audible and Visual Indicators
  • Redundant Frequency Paths
  • NOAA/Weather Service Alerts (EAS/SAME)
  • Locally Controlled Emergency Messages
  • Easy-to-Read LCD Display
  • Optional Strobe Light


  • 0.5 Microvolts @ 12dB SINAD
  • Output Sound Level: 85dB minimum @10 feet, measured at 60 inches above sea level. 16 Volume levels.
  • Audio Distortion @ Rated Audio: Less than or equal to 5%
  • Unsquelched Hum and Noise: More than 38dB (1mV RF input)
  • Audio Response: 300-3000 Hz Range (+1 to -3dB)
  • Modulation: FM, 5kHz deviation maximum
  • Primary Power (UL Listed): AC Power Cord, 120 VAC, 60Hz
  • Secondary Power: 2 x 3.2 VDC Li-Ion rechargeable batteries, provides minimum operation 15min/per hour for 6 hours

Operating Current:

  • Primary: 120V AC =<60mA/180mA
  • Secondary: 8 VDC =<160mA/<1100mA
  • Standard Signaling Formats: Up to 15 Programmable Activation Codes
  • Frequency: VHF High Band 150-174MHz, UHF (other frequencies available)
  • DTMF: 10 Digits
  • EAS/SAME: Up to 15 Location Codes, NOAA Weather Alerts
  • Display: High resolution Dot-Matrix LCD display, shows type of alert, programming information, RF signal strength and Back-up battery level
  • Antenna: Detachable Helical Rubber Antenna 50 ohms (BNC)
  • Dimensions: 4” x 9” x 5-1/2”
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Strobe (optional): 100 Candela, 60 flash/min